Kick out and mute

I have just held my first conference.
It appears that any user can kick out other users (including me) and can also mute all other users.
Is this the way it should be?
Grateful fro your advice.

Whether it is the way it should be, it is the way it is (on the instance).

If you are running your own instance, you have more control.

Thank you

Hmm that is a bummer… i came from Skype to here looking for a way out. I guess back to skype then :frowning: bummer!

Host your own server - a DigitalOcean droplet works fine for a dozen or so users. You then have an awful lot of control over how the product is configured.

Please, where is it possibile to download the software (own instance) with total command for amministrator ?
Billo, Rome.

Follow the instructions here:

Many thanks. Is there a version for MAC or Windows…I am not very friendly with linux and others…
Thanks again for your reply

I don’t think so, no.

You might be able to make it run on macOS though, if you installed the components yourself from source, and had a working web server.

If you aren’t comfortable with Linux, it’s exceedingly unlikely that you’ll be able to get it running on OS X - while possible, it’s far from trivial. You’d have an easier time with the Linux subsystem for Windows, but, again, that’s just Linux in a VM.