Kick a user, remove a room, youtube video

Good morning Jitsies,

Could you help me with my blockings? I am using the standard installation:

  1. As the moderator (first user in a room) how can I kick one user (that for example uses 2 connections to the room via 2 separators of the browser or a web access + a smartphone access)

  2. How I delete a room (empty)

  3. I shared a youtube video but many participants could not access it. Is this feature working on smartphone ? what are the present limitation of this feature ?

Thank in advance, hug from Portugal

Every thumbnail has 3 dot menu and a kick option.

Everybody needs to leave and it is deleted automatically.

Not available for mobile.

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Hi. All rooms i have created are still visible on the main page. What it seems to need is clearing cookies…

The list of the last visited rooms is saved in the Browser but there is nothing left on the server. If you rejoin an empty room from your history, there will be no chat messages in the room and there will also be no password (even if one was set at some point).

Deleting your local Browser data just empties your personal history of visited Rooms.

Ok. I wonder by the way if there is a way to store rooms so that people can re-join them?