Keybinding Location

Good Afternoon, I just installed Jitsi from the Git repository and my install doesn’t have all the Keybindings in place; specifically V for Video On/Off and M for Audio On/Off. Is there somewhere I need to check to activate those keybindings? Everywhere I find looks like it’s active by default so I don’t think I need to create manual keybindings; but it’s not even listed in the Shortcuts help page. Where are the keybindings configured within the Jitsi install? Thanks.

Don’t you see the bindings if you click Shift + ?:

I am able to pull up that list but I’m missing a whole mess of options that you have. I installed from Source by pulling from the main GitHub repo and haven’t done anything to modify the key bindings yet, so I wanted to go look at the existing bindings and see why I’m missing the V and M shortcuts that I actually need. The others will be irrelevant to my setup, but V and M are critical. I included the picture of what shortcuts I see.

Jitsi Shortcuts

So I was able to figure out why I was missing the V and M shortcuts. When I removed Microphone and Camera control from the Toolbar buttons, it also removed the shortcuts. Adding that control back in brings the respective keyboard shortcuts back. I’m planning to hide the buttons in the UI anyway so having that control in the Toolbar isn’t a big deal. Thanks taking a look.