KEMP - Add a region to the HTTP headers

Hi all,

I’ve spent a quite huge amount of time on this and i’m likely missing a basic configuration…

For the time being, I installed one Jitsi Meet instance and two JVBs, one to cover Europe and the other to cover North America.

I’m able to select my, let’s say, preferred bridge by playing with the URL :“Europe”“N.America”

At this point, I’m able to join the meeting from two different JVBs and everything works fine.

My next step and this is where I’m losing my mind, I would simply add the deployment’s configuration automatically. As I wrote in the title, I use KEMP devices with Enterprise licenses. I’m not really into this technology (not even into HAProxy) but this is why we do work in IT right ? My problem is that I’m not sure how to handle the request. I’ve read here that I should play with http headers ? I’ve also tried with URL rewrite to add the configuration. The result and maybe this is the problem is that nginx receive this request : “GET /test#config.deploymentInfo.userRegion=\x22Europe\x22 HTTP/1.1” 200 14366

I’m not able to pass the double quotes. I’ve tried a lot of method with %22, %22, “, “””" and all the dumbest things I did find.

Of course, Jitsi meet will simply forward me to the less busy server, since it’s not able to recognize the region (I guess).

Could someone tell me which method is preferred there ? http headers or url rewrite ? None of them ? And is someone using KEMP for this purpose instead of HAProxy with a working solution ?

Thank you so much for your time and do take care.


Okay, I was wrong the all time and it’s terribly easy actually.

Instead of URL modification, I only added an http header : X-User-Region