K8s installation of jitsi on GKE

Hello Jitsi community, Recently I have seen the jitsi hackathon were I was very much impressed about the setting up kubernetes installation of jitsi (kubernetes operator).

The link to the repo has been Provided below for my required installation and setup.

I need:

  1. installation of this particular k8s setup on GKE
  2. complete KT on customizing jitsi with branding
  3. we have developed JWT authentication by modifying prosody container, which should also work in k8s

Mail: bharath.vadithya@gmail.com
Telegram: Contact @Bharath_ram
ping me asap.

@bharat - I have sent you a DM

Hi @bharat, I have sent you a Dm and email. Please check it out.


Hi Bharat,
We have sent you a DM. Kindly check it out.
Thank you.