K-12 School Video Conferencing

Dear Jitsi Community,

A little background.

I provide Internet service to rural communities in Colorado. Many school districts are going to online classes. I spoke to various schools and they plan to use a variety of video conferencing system, including Google.

Basically, video produced by a teacher is going to transported hundreds of miles away to be transported back down to student that might be a mile away from the teacher. Obviously, a local distribution model makes most sense.

The questions I have are:

  1. Is the software a good fit for an online school?
  2. If have have a server at a local distribution point in a town/city can someone in the community login and install the software? If so, what would be the charge? What’s the cost to help when there is a problem?
  3. If there are 5 classes of 20 students do we have to have 5 instances of the software on the server? What are the specs of the server, storage, RAM, etc.
  4. How long would it take to setup a system for use?

Are present I don’t have any schools asking for a solution, however when a school system starts having problems with existing systems then they will be looking elsewhere. So, I’m looking for people in the community that can partner to provide an alternative to schools. .

Thank you for you contemplation of the above.



we are a provider for education software from germany. Struggling also from the high usage of the system. I think the most important part is the network bandwith.

  1. If the configuration fits, yes
  2. ask a meetrix guy
  3. We currently have 18 school classes on one system.

Professional services are also offered from meetrix


School district is my area also enabled Google Hangouts (which was disabled until yesterday) for online conferencing potentially after spring break.

What is the average up/down load speed in rural communities in Colorado? A big factor in successfully rolling out video conferencing will depend on that.

With Jitsi you can control how much is transmitted and might work better compared to other systems.

For #3, based on Jitsi team’s recommendation, cx5.large aws with 4 cores and 8 gb ram server. 2 to 3 such servers should do it.

#4, about 2-3 days if all goes well.

I’m in Midwest. Message me or send your email and we can chat more.

I can delver plenty of speed to customers, so that is why I want the server at my local head-end. For each local community I’ll put in a server for the local traffic. This way I don’t have to worry about congestion upstream or bogged down servers at Google or other companies.

What most likely will happen is when all the schools moves to centralized big city SaaS video conferencing solutions - its going to be a massive failure. Already there is congestion all over the place before the move to online school video-conferencing. And, when this happens Google isn’t going to get the irate pissed off customers that can’t get their video-conferencing to work - they are going to call me. I’m just trying to get ahead of the curve.

Let me know what help you need.