JWT token required / not being passed


Login failed with token, please help.

Sharing prosody log details

Oct 03 13:10:48 general warn Error verifying token err:not-allowed, reason:Invalid audience (‘aud’ claim)

Recently i created two docs, follow my docs how to install jitsi meet + jwt on ubuntu 18 and 20 (with video)


NodeJS example how to create jwt

const jsonwebtoken = require(‘jsonwebtoken’)

const obj = {
context: {
user: {
email: ‘email@example.dev’,
name: Christian Curi,
room: ‘ChristianCuri’,

const jwt = jsonwebtoken.sign(obj, ‘secret’, {
issuer: “zellim”,
subject: https://jitmeet.example.com,
expiresIn: “12h”,
audience: “zellim”,