JWT Token installation

Hi @emrah

We are having Jitsi Meet server on Ubuntu 20.04. We are also having Jibri Server on Ubuntu 18.04.

We would like to configure JWT token on our Jitsi Server. Do you have steps to install JWT Token?

Please help.


Do you have document with simple steps installation of JWT Server.

The installation steps for Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu is not the distro I use. I tested the steps only once

@damencho Hello, I am trying to use jwt tokens for Docker. In the Docker manual, it only talks about changing the env variables like enabling auht, setting auth type to jwt, etc. I only did these because it does not talk about plugins. But it does not work. Can you help?

I just set this up on Ubuntu 20.04. It’s a little tricky because one of the files is missing but I found a good post that resolved the issue.

For Ubuntu 18.04, skip Part A with the missing file, then just follow the instructions in Part B.

Part A for Ubuntu 20: Start with the following steps list below
(Source: https://doganbros.com/index.php/jitsi/jitsi-installation-with-jwt-support-on-ubuntu-20-04-lts/):

  1. Since Ubuntu 20.04 TLS Focal Fossa is a fairly new distribution libssl1.0-dev does not exist in its Debian repository. You’ll need to install libssl1.0-dev package for 18.04 TLS Bionic Beaver.

Edit Debian (Ubuntu) package repository resources;

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

  1. Add the following line for global Debian repo;

deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security main

  1. Execute;

sudo apt update && apt-cache policy libssl1.0-dev

Part 2: Follow these directions for Ubuntu 18.04 (and 20.04 if you follow the 3 steps listed above):

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