JWT token and Shibboleth, offer both


is it possible to enter/create rooms in Jitsi via Shibboleth and beside enter via JWT token? I’ve configured my Rocket.Chat to use Jitsi for video. Rocket.Chat and Jitsi are secured with Shibboleth. If I start a video conference via Rocket.Chat, I’m already authenticated at my Shibboleth IDP, but I still have to accept the shibboleth attributes from Jitsi, because Jitsi is another SP. My ideas is to open jitsi for Rocket.Chat with JWT tokens. If you connect directly to jitsi, the authentication should be handled by Shibboleth. Is that possible to offer both ways, JWT token and Shibboleth?


I’m about to head down this direction also.

We’re building a conference Room App (Web & Mobile) and plan to use JWT & Shibboleth.
We would be interested to pick your brain / discuss the process you followed for your configuration.

Damion from Canada.