JWT for granting Moderator role only


I have read the wiki/handbook pages and also sifted through this forum. But I still am unsure if configuring JWT authentication will allow for the following use case:

  • Any Person with a JWT token should get the moderator role

  • Users without token should be treated according to meeting settings (no password/authentication needed to join if none is set in the meeting and vice versa)

  • No secure domain: any person should be able to create a meeting without authentication

  • I don’t care if someone else (without jwt token) is granted moderator role (for example, if no user with jwt token has entered the meeting)

Is JWT the right way to accomplish this?

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By default, the first person participates the meeting room gets the moderator role regardless of token. You can control who will be moderator using third-party tools

The guest is allowed if “allow_empty_token” is set. if not, the guest cannot participate a meeting room when the authentication type is “token”.


By default, the first participant is moderator

Authentication is set at the domain level. It’s not possible to configure authentication for only some meetings in a domain. If you want anonymous and non-anonymous meetings, you will have to manage 2 domains.

Thanks for the quick answers!

@gpatel-fr yes, I was referring to the “in-meeting” password, not to the secure domain / authentication on domain level. But thank you anyway!