JWT Features enabled in UI even when disabled in config

Hi, I am using the latest docker build, with default JWT module (token_verification) when i disable recording. The users authenticated via JWT still see the ‘start recording’ option in the conference UI with no option to record when you click into it. the token structure used is as follows: (context does not set any features)

“aud”: “jitsi”,
“context”: {
“user”: {
“avatar”: “”,
“email”: “”,
“id”: “”,
“name”: “SomeName”
“exp”: ,
“iat”: ,
“iss”: “”,
“jti”: “”,
“moderator”: true,
“nbf”: ,
“room”: “*”,
“sub”: “https://<public_url>:8443”

I have tried setting enableFeaturesBasedOnToken to true and false but did not make a difference. Looks like the config in config.js is overwritten by the token. Non JWT moderators do not see ‘start recording’ when recording is disabled.

I would greatly appreciate any help. @damencho I saw some git commits that were similar to this issue from you, maybe you could help.

That is your problem. You need to explicitly add recording disabled.

Ah I see. Is it possible to set features through prosody when authenticating the token
rather than have that be part of the token itself

It is set before signing the token and prosody is just verifying the signature, so no.

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You may disable recording button in toolbarButtons

Thank you! That crossed over my head, that solves the issue for my use case.