JWT authentification on mobile

I have configured JWT authentication on the desktop and works fine. In iOS Jitsi I get username and password authebtification. Which username and pass I should use? Where to configure it?
Is possible in the end to use on desktop JWT authebtification and at the other end mobile app?

Does your URL contain the JWT token? Mobile does support JWT auth, however I think the error message you get when the token is invalid is a password prompt, as you are seeing.

Doees the same URL work on the desktop?

yes, my URL contains token and works fine on desktop. This was a way to make sure I can make the promise that the conversation will be confidential. There is a better or equivalent way to make it confidential without JWT (I assume the idea that is the role of JWT).
Still, there are moments I am not at the computer and I may need to get connected by iOS: how I get into the call when at the other end the client is on desktop logged by JWT token?
thank you!

I’m not sure I understand the scenario anymore. If you use a URL with a token on mobile, does it work or doesn’t it?

JWT will help you authenticate with the server, so if your deployment is configured to use JWT for auth you’ll need to provide a token or you won’t be able to authenticate.

My question is how to use in Jitsi app the URL with JWT token? In iOS app I set the server, then I have to enter the room, then I get the form with email and password. Where shall I insert the JWT token?
My scenario: the deployment is configured with JWT and works well when both users are connected via desktop.
My need is to have one user that logs for desktop with JWT url, but the other one using iOS app. How I log the user form iOS supposing that I provide the JWT token?

You can put the full URL in the roon field, including the token query parameter.

Thank you: it works!
Maybe I did skipped it in the documentation.