JWT authentication eMail Address not in metadata.json

we’ve configured JWT Auth and sending the Mail Adress in the Token.

If I look in the User Settings, I see the Displayname and also the eMail Address, so far so good. So the information from the jwt token is available.

But the eMail Address ist not available in mod_participant_metadata.lua.
I placed some Logging code in die lua script to see if the emailaddress is available or not and it is not. I have to go to usersettings, change the mailaddress and save, after that the email variable is filled and also the metadata.json on jibri has the mail Address available.

Code snipped of modified lua sript

if occupant then
            local email = stanza:get_child_text("email") or "";
            local role = tostring(occupant.role);
            log('info', 'looking for email');
            if email ~= "" then
                log('info', 'email found');
                log('info', email);
                log('info', role);

Running the follwoing versions:

dpkg -l |grep jitsi
ii  jitsi-meet                              2.0.5963-1                                      all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-prosody                      1.0.5056-1                                      all          Prosody configuration for Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-turnserver                   1.0.5056-1                                      all          Configures coturn to be used with Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-web                          1.0.5056-1                                      all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-web-config                   1.0.5056-1                                      all          Configuration for web serving of Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-videobridge2                      2.1-508-gb24f756c-1                             all          WebRTC compatible Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

Are there any ideas ?



Thanks for your answer @emrah

But I’m not sure how to use the content of your answer ;-(

Make sure you enable jitsi-meet/mod_presence_identity.lua at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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Thanks @damencho … that was it