Jvb2 SASL auth error when moving storage to sql

I successfully used prosody-migrator to convert my users to a PostgreSQL database. But now, when I insert

storage = “sql”

in prosody.conf, jvb2 fails with authentication error in jvb.err:

SEVERE: [23] RetryStrategy$TaskRunner.run#198: org.jivesoftware.smack.sasl.SASLErrorException: SASLError using SCRAM-SHA-1: not-authorized

In the DB I only find data for my regular users, I suspect that I still need some users/credentials for internal use that are now missing. What is the correct way to move everything from internal storage to sql?

I also note that the passwords are stored in plaintext, not as a hash. This is also the case with the passwords stored in the file system in the accounts/*.dat file.

My install uses mostly default values from the installers, I just changed the system to require authentication for creating conferences only, exactly as described in the docs. With internal storage, everything operates properly.

Thanks for any help and regards

…meanwhile I found the problem myself. I inserted the credentials for the users “focus” and “jvb” in the auth domain manually, now the system works perfectly also with sql backend.

Hi marcel,
I have encountered to this problem too, can you please explain the changes you made with more details?

Thanks in advance
UPDATE: Finally I got the solution you mentioned, just run these commands to register jvb and focus users:
prosodyctl register focus auth.mydomain.com x3eDy8q2
prosodyctl register jvb auth.mydomain.com xhD3dW