JVB2, Nginx and port 4443

Hi to everyone,
after update from Jitsi Videobridge v1 to v2, jitsi-videobridge (which previously was listening on port 4443 since port 443 was used by nginx) doesn’t listen anymore to TCP connections, just UDP on port 10000.
Everything seems to work fine, but I would like to know if TCP protocol has been intentionally removed or is a problem with my setup.

Thank you,


yes…it was intentinoally removed. now, if UDP 10000 is unavailable, it will fallback to tcp 443 and be multiplexed by nginx.
There is one small potiential issue with this approach. Some firewalls/IDS systems may detect non-http(s) traffic on 443 and drop it. Also some load balancers or proxies may have issues too that may require some reconfiguring.

If it fallbackt to turnserver tcp 443 that is https traffic with valid certificate.

Ok. Thank you !