JVB2, New install, Authentication

Had a running Jitsi Meet Installation with Authentication running on Ubuntu 18.04. Did an Upgrade this Morning including Videobridge 2 which broke the installation.

Did a clean installation on a new system afterwards now everything is running fine except for the Authentication. Following the steps described in [https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo#secure-domain] does seem not to work any more. Sometimes Login dialog pops up, sometimes not, Users may join but cant activate Cam or Microphone. Reversing the steps restore normal working state without authentication.

What has changed and ist there already a tutorial available on how to fix this?

Ok. forget about it. Figured it out myself.As always it was PEBCAC. Wrong guestdomain set in /etc/jitsi/meet/-config.js thanks due an typo.

Remember: Always check your config three times before asking silly questions.