JVB video codec specifications

Hello, I am developing a conference program that will use JVB.

What video codecs and SVC modes are supported on JVB currently? Is there a comprehensive doc dedicated to this question that I missed?

Afaik, from lurking around the forum I figured that H264 is supported with unicast and without SVC, and VP8 is supported with simulcast and SVC. However VP8 is not supported in iOS Safari so iPhones need a separate app. Am I correct in this assessment?


The JVB supports VP8 with simulcast, and VP9 with spatial scalability or simulcast.

H.264 works without scalability or simulcast, using the generic frame projection context. In theory other video codecs should work this way as well, but that hasn’t been tested.

It’s my understanding that recent versions of Safari on recent iOS do support VP8 (and possibly even VP9), however.

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Thank you!