JVB UDP based Health Check

Hi everyone!

Is there any way to check if the JVB is running on a specific host by sending an UDP packet to that host over the UDP port JVB is listening?

Upon receiving such “probe package” the JVB would respond with another UDP packet, allowing the requester to confirm that que JVB is running on that host and port.

Why I would need such liveness probe?
My JVB instances are running on Docker and spread over several Linux hosts.
Each JVB runs on a specific port and since my JVB containers are orchestrated by Kubernetes (OpenShift) a specific JVB can be running on any of the cluster nodes. Each time a JVB is restarted the new JVB container can spawn on a different host.
So, I have a load balancer for each possible JVB instance (since each JVB runs on a different port).
For the load balancer to know on which host the JVB is running, it needs to probe each host.
As an alternative I could consider instructing the load balancer to probe the JVB HTTP health check endpoint, but I would prefer to use the UDP approach, since this approach also guarantees the proper UDP connectivity between the load balancer and each JVB instance.

Best regards,
Renan Mozone