JVB service restarts during conference running

Hi Everyone,

I am using low-level-API, What are the ways to handle when JVB restarts during room conversion ?

Should I need to create a new room again with same participants ? After JVB starts

Should move to the next operational jvb, and that triggered by jicofo.

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But jicofo was printing health-check time out and prosody was not clearing the JVB.
Prosody administrative console showed 3 JVB instead of 2. This stayed upto 20 min and later everything works normal.

Which versions are these? Latest stable?

We are using prosody:stable-6865, jvb:stable-6865 and jicofo:stable-6865 versions.

Those are a few versions behind, Iā€™d suggest you upgrade first.

We will upgrade and check for behavior. Thank you.