JVB scaling for Docker deployment behind NAT

I have a couple question in that topic.

  1. What is recommended JVB scaling for 40 conferences and 400 participants in all conferences? Where I can read a best practices about JVB scaling?
  2. Now we using Docker deployment behind NAT and configured DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS to our public IP like described here https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet#running-behind-nat-or-on-a-lan-environment
    But if we want to set another JVB server, do we need to?
  • set new JVB to different port, for example 10001
  • configure another port forwarding rule for port 10001 for our public IP

Some information in now officially documented here

But I still want my questions to be answered.

A single videobridge is enough to serve 40 conferences in which there exist 10 people in each conference on average. To server more participants, you need to try and test with Jitsi torture.

It is possible to have N number of JVBs with N public IP addresses.
In server n, run JVB image with env DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS=
Also, some other configuration is required (ex. defining JVB components in Prosody, …)

To use another port for JVB, you should set the new port in sip-communicator.properties and also allow it in firewall.

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Thanks a lot!
Now we have shard with 5 bridges on one public IP address and different ports NATed to bridges.