JVB Receiving more than the double of the calculated expected data

I created a conference with 10 participants:

  • 9 participants were sending 180p video (150Kbps, audio included)
  • One participant was sending 720p video (1.5Mbps, audio included)

So I was expecting to receive in the JVB near 3Mbpd (or 0.375MBps), but when I checked the statistics of my deployment in Grafana, the JVB was receiving 11.2Mbps (1.4MBps).

Why JVB is getting way more than the expected data from participants? what is the rest of the incoming traffic related with?

I really appreciate your comments, I’m calculating the cost in bandwidth per user in my application.


Are you running with enableLayerSuspension: true,? If not all 10 participants will be sending 1.5 and the bridge will be forwarding to the clients what is needed 1 HD + 9 LD resolutions.

Even if enableLayerSuspension is on, if everyone had pinned a different participant on stage from the others, the layer suspension will not kick in and you will end up in the same situation like it is disabled, you need to consider and this in your estimations.

Hi Damian,
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I have confirmed beforehand that LayerSuspension is on, and all the participants have pinned the same one, so only the mentioned resolutions are being send to the JVB. Actually i check the network traffic in each end, and confirmed that only one was sending 720p. what other factor could be causing that the video bridge is getting such amount of information?

If you have checked that everyone was sending exactly that so you had confirmed everything works as expected … no idea about the traffic, some other concurrent call maybe …

Hi Damian,
Thanks again for your swift answer. I have been checking this issue in more detail, but still i cannot find for instance why JVB is getting more than double of the data than the sum of all being sent by the participants. here is an example. If maybe someone else has experience the same, we can compare.

User Sending [Kbps] Receiving [Kbps] CPU JVB
p1 1930 0
p2 24 1282
p3 24 1260
p4 24 1300
p5 24 1270
p6 24 1280
p7 24 1300
p8 24 1274
p9 24 1299
p10 24 1300
Total 2146 11565
JVB 17232 7672 0.21