JVB Port 8080 Already In Use: Solution

I recently installed Jitsi Meet on my development box and ran into an issue where the bridge was failing. I checked the logs and saw that the videobridge was failing to bind to port 8080 as it was already in use by another application. Finding out how to change that port took me a couple of hours and I figure other people will also run into this issue, so here’s the solution:

In /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties, add this line:

org.jitsi.videobridge.rest.private.jetty.port=(the port you want it to use)

Jetty binds to 8080 by default.

All of the configurable properties can be found here:

Though that README does not specify that they need to be in sip-communicator.properties, which they do.

I hope this helps someone!


It saved me hours …

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Hello, I have the same issue on the Docker version, do you know the file location on Docker?

search “8080” in file docker-compose.yml