JVB Port 10000 Closed?


Quick question regarding JVB, is the port 10000 opened to the outside(public ip) by default? I did not touch that config in my .env meaning it is enabled. But whenever I check it via netstat, port 10000 is not listening, I also checked it via portchecker.co and it is closed. I have seen that someone said that whenever someone connects to it then it will open or perhaps it will listen?.

According to the new stable jitsi meet , jvb is forwarded to 8080? locally or?

I’m trying to see if jvb is working, only tested up to 3 devices, p2p is disabled by the way and port 10000 is still closed and not listening?


If you were able to host a 3-party conference, JVB is working. The default installation requires port 10000/UDP for JVB. That port needs to be publicly accessible, so if you’re running behind a NAT, you need to have it properly forwarded.

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ooh I see, that is why there is no video and audio behind a firewall, but on route without NAT it is working. I thought I need to setup turn of some-sort.

The opening of ports is possible via docker right? Anyways, I’ll research more on how to do that.


Yes, you would just need to make sure the port is forwarded from the NAT to the server. So port 10000/UDP on the NAT would need to be forwarded to your Jitsi server, in addition to the port being open on the Jitsi firewall.

How can I do that with docker-compose?

I tried to add
‘10000:10000/udp’ in the ports on the docker-compose.yml file but whenever I checked with a port checker it is still closed.

I’m not familiar with docker, but the port forwarding is done on the NAT. So, if for instance, your server is behind a router, then you need to do the port forwarding on the router.

I’m running a vps so I think this will be on the host machine instead, maybe ip tables? but I want it to be binded with docker, so whenever I put down the docker build, the ports also closed, just like jitsi-meet docker.

Will look into this.