Jvb Packet Loss Statistics - 5390

Can you please help us to understand the statistics about the packet loss in Jvb ?
incoming_loss, outgoing_loss and overall_loss.

These statistics are all about the rtp packets sent over udp; both video and audio streams, right ?

endpointConnectionStats.getOutgoingLossStats().getPacketsLost(); //outgoingPacketsLost
in this line;

  • if the returned value is 5; what does it mean actually, is the following interpretation correct about this:
    5 of the packets broadcasted to the endpoints by jvb are lost since of some undesirable cases.
  • if 5 of the packets were lost, then in what duration of time that happened ?

endpointConnectionStats.getOutgoingLossStats().getPacketsReceived() //outgoingPacketsReceived
in this line;

  • if the returned value is 10, is that mean:
    i have 10 packets relayed to me(jvb) from the endpoints, and i as jvb will try to broadcast these 10 packets to all other endpoints ?
    so, i will brodcast to 3 endpoints in my conference.
    And i got 2 packets lost while sending 10 packets to endpointA.
    And i got 3 packets lost while sending 10 packets to endpointB.
    And i got 0 packets lost while sending 10 packets to endpointC.
    So as in Question1, in total jvb broadcasted 30 packets and the packetLost becomes 5.

Are these statistics in jvb side calculated from the statistics sent from the client side to jvb; i mean the following message:
{ "colibriClass": "EndpointMessage", "msgPayload": { "type": "stats", "values": { ... "packetLoss": { "total": 0, "download": 0, "upload": 0 }, "connectionQuality": 100, "maxEnabledResolution": 2160 } }, "to": "" }

These are what the client sees and is reporting it to the other clients. JVB does not use data from here.

Fo the other questions @Jonathan_Lennox or @Boris_Grozev can give you better answers. Thanks