JVB logging, remove nicknames, stats_id

is there a way to configure JVB1 or JVB2 to avoid logging user information, specifically the “stats_id” field.
2020-03-30 09:57:22.835 INFO: [30550] [confId=e916ec0228189126 gid=ffe6c5 stats_id =Peter-bna conf_name=testroom ufrag=1t7de1e4ldvjbp epId=20090fae local_ufrag=1t7de1e4ldvjbp] DefaultNominator.strategyNominateFirstValid#140: Nominate (first valid): :10000/udp/srflx -> <>/udp/prflx (stream-20090fae.RTP). Local ufrag 1t7de1e4ldvjbp

This stats_id field is often showing and sure interesting, but not needed, trying to keep the logged information low.

I think there are also information of chatrooms logged, I would want to avoid them as well.

The stats ID is added to the “log context” here. Whether or not it’s added is not currently configurable, though, so you’d have to make the change in the source and rebuild a custom JVB.

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