Jvb.log full of repetitive info messages


I have installed a jitsi server in a Debian 4.19.118-2.
I have also configured the authentication for a new meeting and everything works flawlessy.
But my jvb.log repeat every few seconds the same messages:

2020-06-17 11:34:36.420 INFORMAZIONI: [19] Videobridge.createConference#320: create_conf, id=a5120430e4cf5c2f gid=null logging=false
2020-06-17 11:34:36.423 INFORMAZIONI: [19] AbstractHealthCheckService.run#171: Performed a successful health check in PT0.004103S. Sticky failure: false
2020-06-17 11:34:46.419 INFORMAZIONI: [19] Videobridge.createConference#320: create_conf, id=fd30f922276e5063 gid=null logging=false
2020-06-17 11:34:46.423 INFORMAZIONI: [19] AbstractHealthCheckService.run#171: Performed a successful health check in PT0.003992S. Sticky failure: false
2020-06-17 11:34:55.111 INFORMAZIONI: [17] VideobridgeExpireThread.expire#144: Running expire()
2020-06-17 11:34:56.420 INFORMAZIONI: [19] Videobridge.createConference#320: create_conf, id=fec12e7322dff38e gid=null logging=false
2020-06-17 11:34:56.424 INFORMAZIONI: [19] AbstractHealthCheckService.run#171: Performed a successful health check in PT0.004232S. Sticky failure: false

Why is my jvb.log full of these messages? Do I miss something?

Thank you


I’d say this is normal and expected, because the default log level seems to be “info” as defined here:


I have not changed mine yet, but this is documented here:


For now, I prefer to log everything and properly rotate the logs here:


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Hi sanvila,
thank you very much for your answer, but I was asking myself if this is the expected behaviour. (a create conference every few seconds in a standalone server) or if there are configuration issues…

These are just logs for health checks for the bridge, they’re expected.

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Ok, thank you for your help.

Do I need to delete it or it’s automatic ? I afraid of affecting capacity of the machine.

Hi, as Sanvila suggested in his previous answer you can set a lower log level or you can check if logs are rotated correctly.

Oh sorry, because I’m not familiar with this and don’t quite understand it so could you please help me to show me how to change it, I see it happens just like every second.

How to modify the rotating: The default /etc/logrotate.d/jitsi-videobridge is like this:

/var/log/jitsi/jvb.log {
  size 100M
  rotate 24
  su jvb jitsi

Try removing the line saying size and then the file will be rotated regardless of the size, daily if logrotate is run daily (which is the default in many systems). Also, try man logrotate to know how all this rotating stuff works.

How to modify the loglevel:

systemctl edit jitsi-videobridge2

then write something like this:


This will reduce the loglevel from info to notice (which is less verbose). See this for details: