JVB Load balancing Type (By Conferences or By users )?

Hello , Could you tell me the below issue,

user1 , user2 , user3 , user4 in conference A
user5 , user6 , user7, user8 in conference B
jvb1 installed with All other services. and jvb2 installed on a seprated machine.

so how the load balancing working. Type1 or Type2 ?
Type 1, Load balancing For conference. Such as:
Conference A (include User 1,2,3,4) in JVB1, and conference B (include User 5,6,7,8) in JVB2.

Type 2.Load balancing For User. Such as:
Conference A (include user1,user3) in Jvb1 and (user2, user4) in JVB2
Conference B (include user5,user7) in Jvb1 and (user6, user8) in JVB2


@damencho, Good day sir, may i ask if my observation is correct based on my Load balancing setup?
I’ve already setup 2 jitsi videobridges, and i’ve created two conference room, but based on my observation all of the conferences was created in the jvb01 and no conferences been created in the jvb02. Please educate me sir.

@damencho even now each conference is hosted only in one videobridge?

No octo then a single conference in a single bridge.