JVB is not working after fresh jitsi-meet installation

After fresh jitsi-meet installation (all in one) I noticed that JVB is not able to registered with jvb.log errors :

JVB 2022-01-31 19:25:03.755 WARNING: [23] [hostname=localhost id=shard] MucClient.setPresenceExtensions#449: Cannot set presence extension: not connected.
JVB 2022-01-31 19:25:07.152 WARNING: [17] [hostname=localhost id=shard] MucClient.lambda$getConnectAndLoginCallable$7#622: [MucClient id=shard hostname=localhost] error connecting

I resolved this problem changing jvb.dat (/var/lib/prosody/auth%2e%2e%2e%2e/accounts) from default :

return {
[“stored_key”] = “feb49042188a578710f46b07f4d364eb41f2194d”;
[“iteration_count”] = 4096;
[“server_key”] = “46006d9026249420125ab7861738532e4d741d62”;
[“salt”] = “d992e4bc-20ed-484a-ade0-58a37a6a99d7”;


return {
[“password”] = “<JVB_SECRET>”;

I restarted server and everything has started work properly. Additionally, my jvb.dat came back to default values after server restarted but it works good.

Anybody has this problem ?

Yep, I had noticed that on a clean VM installing jitsi-meet, you need to restart jvb at the end.
It is something we want to fix, so any suggestions or PRs are welcome.

So, at this moment only jitsi-videobridge2 service restart is required after installation to properly work ?

Yep, this is what I saw when tested the latest stable release few days ago.

I will test this tomorrow and merge, I think it will fix the problem and this will be automated on install:

Thanks ! I will be wait for tests and information.

It is already available in unstable repo.