JVB is not updating with latest JDK version 11.0.16

Hi Team,

We are getting security vulnerabilities since our JVB in our Jitsi application is still using JDK of 11.0.15. We are rebuilding the containers with latest version of jitsi but still its showing 11.0.15 in jvb.

Please help us how can we have latest JDK (11.0.16) that comes from Jitsi latest release.


If you are using our containers when all you need to do is rebuild the container without a cache, that is, a force rebuild.

That will rebuild it from scratch and will install the latest OpenJDK 11 available in Debian, which is 10.0.16: Debian -- Details of package openjdk-11-jre in bullseye

@saghul Can you please tell me how i can force rebuild the containers without using cache. I am newbie to Jitsi, need your help please.

if you clone out repo then FORCE_REBUILD=1 make will do that.

Hi @saghul Thanks for the update. That dint work for me. I have rebuilt jitsi on docker again from stable release latest version.

I have one more doubt. Whenever there is a new release in stable… how to update the jitsi with that latest stable release. Do i need to change the version here image: jitsi/web:${JITSI_IMAGE_VERSION:-stable-8044-1} and do “docker-compose up -d”? Or is there any other way without rebuilding the entire setup.

It’s best to download the stable release and run docker-compose up --force-recreate

That will pull the new images, and recreate the containers with the new image. Data is preserved.