JVB Failed to set the TL0PICIDX of a VP8 packet


Since upgrading to the latest Docker images with tag 3508 (PSA: New Docker images released!), we’re seeing more users having “connectivity issues” presented in the web interface, especially when attempting to share screens.

The following error also floods the JVB logs:
jvb_1 | JVB 2019-02-05 18:39:00.364 WARNING: [741069] org.jitsi.videobridge.cc.vp8.VP8FrameProjection.log() Failed to set the TL0PICIDX of a VP8 packet.

We are exclusively using Chrome Version 72 and 73 on our desktops and meeting rooms.

The previous Docker images did not have this issue.

Not sure if related, but we occasionally see another message in the web interface: “Video from has been turned off to save bandwidth.” We’ve never seen this before. How does Jitsi determine when to attempt to save bandwidth? Jitsi is running on a local LAN, where bandwidth is ample.

Any idea why this is happening? I have found historic (in 2017) references to multicast, but nothing to indicate a remedy.


Hi @iamjvn we’re sorry this is causing you issues. The latest stable release includes some major changes in the way we handle simulcast. It also includes this regression. I believe this specific issue is addressed in this PR https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/pull/752 which is still under review. It’d be great if you could give that a try and report back if it’s working better for you.


Thanks, we’ll be the first to test the docker images once the pull request has been merged.

We appreciate the new tagging mechanism of your released docker images. Please keep doing that so that we have a roll-back mechanism.

If you want to introduce pre-release/alpha/beta/unstable docker images also, we’d be happy to help with the testing.


We are experiencing same issues. Totally agree with pre-release/alpha/beta/unstable docker images. We would test it immediately after it is available

Screen sharing not working in LAN

I tested stable version of jvb/jitsi on ubuntu instance and I havent experienced this issue. Any chance of pushing the latest stable as docker image? How often new images are going to appear in docker hub?
If there is not a plan to release docker image in close future, I will need to provision Ubuntu instance so we get working Jitsi.


Docker images are pushed when we push stable, @saghul will correct me if I’m wrong. We plan a new one for today or tomorrow, fixing some critical bugs.


What @damencho said is correct, we will release them today.


Screen sharing and video at all seems to be stable now in 3547 tag. However we noticed instability in audio. When 3 participants joined one site was not able to hear another while others was able to hear each other. When we start or stop sharing of screen or do some refresh of page it got fixed now and then. I was not able to see any warnings or errors relevant in server logs. I will try to provide more detailed info later on


I don know @gpolitis is working on some screen sharing improvements, but can’t comment on the audio issues.


I don’t see how this could be related to screensharing simulcast. It would be nice to check on meet.jit.si and see if the same issue happens there as well. If not, we can dig into the details and examine why your deployment experiences the issue. If yes, then it’s a bug on our side, but I haven’t seen it recently.