JVB configuration changes

I just landed the first in a series of changes here which introduces a new configuration scheme for JVB 2.0. The first thing I want to note is that no changes are necessary on the user/developer side at this time; the changes include code which can read from both the old and new configuration files. There’s a README discussing what changed as well as how to migrate.

The process for deploying this in the bridge will look something like this:

  1. New config infrastructure introduced (the commit mentioned above).
  2. All config properties are ported over to this new scheme (both old and new config files supported). Each time a property is ported, the readme will be updated to include a mapping of the old config property field name to the new one.
  3. Start logging deprecation warnings about the old config file, community post about ensuing deprecation
  4. At some time in the future, the old config file will be fully deprecated.

I want to note that there’s no fixed timeline for the things above, but it will be a while before we hit step 4 and there will be plenty of warning.