JVB Config of alpha.jitsi.net

is the JVB Config of alpha.jitsi.net public or can you share it with us?

Probably with some details about the used Hardware to compare settings like load and cc?


Nope, that is not public, the hardware is not something that can handle a lot ot conferences, if it breaks - it breaks - it is alpha.
In general, alpha had been installed from debian packages a long time ago and is using default configurations, with no or small adjustments and the configuration does not change, we just update debian packages as opensource users that use debian packages will do. We do it during new version builds of packages for testing and validation of builds, so restarts and alpha going down is a normal process.

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So we can inspect the default-configs of the debian-unstable pkgs to get inside whats running here?

Yep. And as I said it was installed a long time ago and the config hasn’t changed much … so most of it will be just the defaults of everything.

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