JVB cannot connect with XMPP when using token authentication


I am setting up jitsi meet as scalable configuration. So i have a dedicated JVB on separate server. All is quite fine while using authentication = “internal_plain”. Now i’d like to change that to use token authentication. But when i do that, after restarting all services JVB wont connect to the XMPP. So video and audio is not broadcasted.

Here are all the configs and logs i could think of: logs_configs.zip - Google Drive
had to zip it all since i cant upload it here directly.

With given configs if i change authentication = “internal_plain” and restart prosody, All is working again. Please do you see if i misconfigured something or maybe something is missing?

Thank you in advance,

I see few thing that does not make sense in the config:

VirtualHost “auth.jitsi…”
authentication = “token”;

This is wrong, jvb uses username and password to connect using this virtual host, this should not be token.

VirtualHost “guest.jitsi…”
authentication = “token”

The guest virtual host is used with anonymous domain, if you don’t want to use anonymous logging, don’t add it and don’t add the anonymous host in config.js. Also this is normally used with username password connections not with tokens. For tokens there is the allow empty tokens setting.

Thank you for quick response.

Okay so makes sense that auth.jitsi VH cant be token. So if i want to authenticate users that want to join to a conference with their JWT only VH jitsi.domain.tld should have authehtication = “token” ?

Yea it seems to be working now. I guess i just didn’t noticed my mistake, i see it now. Thank you again!