JVB and client behind symmetric NAT


Does JVB work for clients that are behind symmetric NAT when using only UDP ?
Is Media over TCP (JVB listening on TCP/443) needed in this case ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the JVB will work in that case, as long as the JVB itself is not behind a symmetric NAT.

Thanks for the prompt response.

we have a colleague who cannot join conference (no audio/video streams) and he’s probably behind a symmetric NAT
this what he gets on Firefox “about:webrtc” tab

it’s weird because he has ICE state succeeded for the remote candidate and we still cannot see him

Problem solved.
There was an issue with our internal routings.

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Great! Thanks for letting us know!

Can you please elaborate on what routing was required to fix this?

The audio/video streams were not routed correctly to the server.
It was an iptables issue