JVB Allocation Mechanisms

Hi there, I am trying to figure out an important point regarding allocation mechanisms to Jitsi video bridge 2 (JVB2) because of the following issue (I am using jitsti meet servers):

  • If I create a new meeting called for example xyz, finish the meeting and reconvene the same meeting later on, several times over several days, I can see that the quality degrades over time. I get audio issues, frozen screen shares etc …

  • If I create a new meeting xyz1 after the partially failed meeting xyz, everything works smoothly for all users.

So now the question:

  • When I create a new meeting (xyz) it will try to find the less busy JVB2 on your infrastructure
  • When I go back to xyz will it go back to the initial JVB2 bridge or does select the less busy JVB2 bridge each time?

I am asking this question to better understand why there is a degradation of service in already existing meetings and not in brand new created meetings.

Many thanks for your help.