JVB 2.0 dependency with libjitsi


As i see in the latest version of jvb there is not a direct dependency with libjitsi.
How it is linked to the project or not linked at all?

I have a rebuilt version of libjniopenssl and would like to override the present one.


New JVB no longer relies on libjitsi directly, we use jitsi-srtp for SRTP so you’d want to swap it there.

Do you mean that libjitsisrtp.so replaces libjniopenssl ?

How i rebuild it (i’m using centos)?


@Jonathan_Lennox can best help you with that.

If you check out the jitsi-srtp package, libjitsisrtp.so will be built if you pass the -DbuildNativeLib argument to maven (e.g. mvn -DbuildNativeLib install).

On Linux, it will built with the default -lcrypto linked on your platform. You can edit settings in jitsi-srtp’s pom.xml if you want to change this.

Thank you will test this