Just one user can connect to the call

Hi, i’ve followed the installation guide but can’t connect more than one people to one call.
The authentication for the moderator role is working but when i try to connect another user i have this error: “you have been disconnected”

The error from the log:

MucClient.setPresenceExtensions#467: Cannot set presence extension: not connected.

Hope this section is the right one.
Kund regards

Share the browser logs for the problem client.

Thanks for the qick reply, i hope this is what you need

Can you upload or gist the whole log, its hard to understand what is going on from such a snippet

Also which version of jitsi-meet is this? No modifications?

This is the error i get, the version is the latest and i had customized the settings for running behind NAT, like the guide said, and the minimal image substitution to customize the instance.
Tell me if this is what you needed.

Well, it’s not the complete log. Logs and screenshots are not best friends.
So you get this immediately when you open the page or?

sorry if it wasn’t helpful.
Anyway i think the problem is this error

2023-02-27T13:56:57.179Z [JitsiConference.js] Failed to accept incoming P2P Jingle session