Jpg and maybe other files can not be uploaded on Firefox for the new virtual background feature

Tested on Windows FF and Manjaro Linux FF

The picture is just shown as black

I confirmed this.

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it’s hardcoded to welcome-background.png but if you rename your jpg file to png it will work.

png is not working either

is your file a valid graphic file ? what says

file welcome-background.png

I tried with that and it did not work the same file works with chrome

If Firefox is relying on the file extension to understand it, it’s sad.
It’s not that difficult to get a png file from a jpg file anyway. On Ubuntu

sudo apt install imagemagick


sudo convert welcome-background.jpg welcome-background.png

should do the trick.

@Chagai_Friedlander I understand you’re talking about the new virtual backgrounds not the landing page background (welcome-background.png); so yes, Firefox is not rendering the custom image - be it in jpg or png format.

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