Joint Jitsi session with a link (auto joint room and auto enter lobby password?)

I have my browser shortcut created to joint Jitsi session with a click of a link (auto joint the Room ), this is very handy for elders (as many elderly generation find it hard to use computer), so it is essential to make joining jitsi meeting as easy as possible.

However, I have not able to create a browser shortcut that auto joint a particular jitsi room and AUTO ENTER “lobby password”.
Is there way to do that ?
As i said elders are having difficulties in using computer…What more to say entering lobby password of jitsi session.
Even i used to get it wrong with entering lobby password… (i used to entered username in password field), because both username and password are to be enter on the same field (which is not a very good interface design “to be honest”.

Is there also way to make browser link to enter “username” into jitsi session after joint the room ? a lot of people thought they have entered a proper name in jitsi meeting , just to realized that other people sees his /. her jitsi name is “fellow jitster”.

So, if able to make a browser shortcut that with all the essential “data” preset, it will make using jitsi a brief for oldies…

You can look into JWT Tokens

To be frank, I need to dig in, because don’t understand even a bit… But i will try to learn (from youtube and web) if it is achievable by me or not .
Thanks for the great direction.