Join SIP call to existing video participant

Hi! We have a working Jitsi Meet/Jigasi setup and users can dial into the conference and we can dial out. However, we are looking to implement a feature commonly used in Zoom and Google Meet:

We’d like to let an existing video participant dial-in and join their SIP audio to their video stream. In other words, they should be able to be seen as a single user, using their phone as their audio.

I know this might take some customization. Is this possible at all? Has anyone done this? Thanks!

You need to be able to match jigasi user to a participant … which I’m not sure how it can be achieved and then you need to do some heavy modifications of the UI to make that match and hide one of the thumbnails and handle all events for that hidden participant … Not that it is impossible, but you need to figure out the matching first (and maybe some jigasi modifications will be needed) …
On the other hand why would you use this when you have computer and you will downgrade your audio on purpose from wide band(44kHz) with error correction, which is handling well packet loss and such to narrow band(8kHz) with no error correction and so on?

@damencho In other systems (Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx) they do this based on a participant ID or similar the person enters with their keypad. Imagine everyone is given a unique PIN/conference number for the conference. When they’re joined to the conference, it knows who they are based on that. Maybe it comes as another header in Jigasi or something?

It’s very commonly used on those other systems. People often have their phones but not access to a decent computer mic or speakers.

Do you have thoughts on how it can be handled?

Yeah it can work passing headers to jigasi and handling them passed to the presence.
But if you don’t have a pc then you join via phone and only you need to add avatar and display name by querying some service or make those be passed as jigasi params. What I mean, you don’t need UI changes in jitsi-meet.

@damencho Thanks! But I do think I need UI changes here. You would have a PC - the PC is what you’re using for your camera. So in other words, you join the conference from your computer camera. You then dial-in and the audio from your phone becomes the audio of your video stream.

Ok, that was my point - there is absolutely no point of that, giving users a way downgrading quality 5 times, encouraging them to do so and spending resources on that.
But its your choice.
You can do that with pushing some info in jigasi presence. Handle that in lib-jitsi-meet passing it to jitsi-meet and do the ui changes.

@damencho I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but it’s extremely common for users to do this on all the commercial platforms. Is this something we could potentially sponsor?

Your best shot is the paid section. The jitsi team does not do custom development.