Join Jitsi from Python client

Hi we are looking into building dev tools for testing Jitsi (scalability, audio quality and other) and would have a preference for using Python than Java.

Python has a nice framework called aiortc ( that seem to allow to create WebRTC client and servers.

Has anyone used it? or has any one integrated Jitsi with Python tools? Anyone interested in working on open source python tools for Jitsi with us?


seems a large enterprise. I am investigating using cefpython but doing advanced handling would probably involve dealing with javascript which may not be what you want.

Hey Sam, how are you doing today? I’m Munaya and I would love to know much better about what you do if possible.

Actually we are open to Javascript as well (I should have mentioned it).

Nice hearing from you back dear, and I am actually new to this Jitsi app and don’t know how it goes.