Join conference without mic permission

My conferences often start with audio & video muted

In my usecase, some users are only listeners, so they should not need to grant mic permission or if they don’t even have a microphone, they should be able to join the conference in listen-only mode

Is there a possibility to ask the user for device permission after joining the conference when he wants to unmute his microphone?

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If some people are only listeners, have you considered setting up the live streaming feature? It would allow listeners to join via a YouTube Live link, which would go easy on your system resources.

thank you for the input. due to privacy reasons, we would like to keep it on our jitsi-server and knowing who is listening to the conversation. As soon as there is a link to a livestream, it’s harder to control that.
there are 2-4 people discussing and 10-15 people who are only listening so jitsi would fit perfectly for this application.