Join By Phone Connection Issues?

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Provided a customer “join by phone” number & PIN earlier, and recording said “that meeting is invalid”. same error first time I tried, then worked after I initiated an online meeting. Since logging out of online meeting, it has continued working … ??? To test, number is 512.647.1431, pin 485-751-415#

Does “join by phone” not work independently? In other words, someone (or host) needs to log into online meeting first?

Nope, the dial-in user will be able to stay waiting for someone to join for 30 minutes.

Do you have the phone number that was used to dial-in, I can check it out. You can send it to me in a private message.

The message “that meeting is invalid” indicates that the meeting URL matching that pin was not found, This usually happens if the pin was entered incorrectly or there was some other problem preventing one or more numbers to reach the system.

clicked on your avatar and can’t find icon for private message.

either PM me please, or our dial-in number and pin was in my original post.

both myself and a customer got the same error before it started working … weird

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When was that (approximate time)?

You can send it via email to damencho at jitsi dot org.

I need the number of your phone that you used to dial, so I can find the logs of that call.