Join and stream to Jitsi servers from a node.js back-end


I would like to know which options I have to join and start a stream from my webcam WITHOUT launching a browser.

My goal is to stream the video from my webcam but not receiving stream from other computer. Therefore, I don’t need a UI, so I don’t have to launch a browser.

So, my idea was to write a node.js back-end that joins a conference and starts to stream my webcam (or any camera stream). Is that possible? The best would be to use lib-jitsi-meet in node.js directly as it’s a kind of high level interface to connect to a conference and manage streams.

But lib-jitsi-meet is a client-side library and I can’t use it within a node.js back-end, right? I tried actually with an npm wrapper [], but the program fails saying :
ReferenceError: window is not defined

That proves I can’t use lib-jitsi-meet in a server-side app, right?

Also, I wanted to use the REST API to talk directly to the videobridge component but it’s going to be hard I think (low level handling).

It might require changes to lib-jitsi-meet, or maybe bringing in some node libraries, for lib-jitsi-meet to work in a non-browser environment, as it has many assumption of available APIs provided by the browser, like all the WebRTC features.