Join a room in cellphone I can't see other participant cameras

Hello guys,

I can’t see other participants cameras during a meet, anyone know how to solve this?

PS: My jitsi-meet it’s running in docker

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Are the other participants able to see your camera?


No, they can’t see

Have you verified your Docker setup works properly with desktop browsers? Does it also work properly for devices not in the local network?

Yes it’s working in desktop browsers in the local network and outside. The second question it’s my problem

Sorry guys, I changed my installation now I’m using an server. But I got a problem, in a room with 2 participants I can’t see the other participats image

I’m confused. If you weren’t using a server before… how was your installation running?

Please explain (with detail) what you installed and how.

I’m running in a ubuntu server, i followed this tutorial
The server is running, I can join a room. But when I tried to join the same room in other pc I can’t see the images of each other. I’m getting this error in console: “Bridge Channel send: no opened channel”

That means the connection with the JVB cannot be completed. Is your installation behind NAT or in a different network? Any firewalls?

Yes, it’s behind NAT. Yes there is firewalls

Have you made sure the necessary ports are open / forwarded?


I getting another error:
Channel closed 1006

Looks like the WebSocket connection is not getting established properly. Do you have any web proxy in front of the Jitsi Meet installation?

No, I don’t have any web proxy.

You said you are using the Docker setup. Did you set the PUBLIC_URL env var in your .env file?

When I set the PUBLIC_URL the connection closes

Please provide more details. What do you observe? PUBLIC_URL is mandatory now so you HAVE TO specify it. Also, I recommend you delete the ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg directory and run the containers again to make sure all configs are generated from scratch.