Join a meeting from node js

We need to capture meeting audio in node js. Right now meeting audio is saved once a meeting is completed in jigasi. But our transcription model is running in node js and transferring audio file from jigasi to node js is causes delay and uses extra bandwidth. To overcome this we are trying to join meeting from node js and capture the audio.

We have tried connecting to the xmpp server directly but it didnot work for us. Our apporach right now is to join the meeting using lib-jitsi-meet module but looks like there is no node version of the library.

Can you help us in finding a way out so that we can join meeting from node js. Thanks in advance.

You’d need to somehow make Node pretend to be enough of a browser (with WebRTC APIs) so the connection can be established. I’m not aware of any polyfill library which implements the WebRTC API in node.

You can achieve that with jigasi, there is an option to plug a custom transcription service jigasi/ at f020438ffbef9c7d17e0bd4977e3a4ec920eae00 · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub
You need to implement
jigasi/ at master · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub inspired by the current transcription services.

We had used that to push audio live to another transcription service.