JMInviteControllerDelegate Be cancelled


beginAddPeople How to add friends in the new SDK


Hi @suifeng and welcome to our community!

That controller and function are gone from the new SDK. Instead, if your deployment is properly configured, the option shows up in the UI itself.


My application is the need to click to add friends, enter the custom page operation, I would like to ask how I can achieve


Inviting people to a meeting is a feature which is not well documented unfortunately. I suggest you implement it with a backend such as Firebase, by sending a message to users indicating the meeting URL they should join.


In the previous SDK, I could jump to my own page by knowing the response of this function, and then inform the other party of the conference room number through XMPP. Now I cannot know the operation of the user clicking the add button, so the subsequent logic cannot be realized, which cannot be satisfied by the back-end


I’m not 100% sure I follow your use case here. Do you have a people search service deployed? If so, your service is going to be hit when the user selects someone and taps on invite.