Jitsy uses mobile/cellular data even on wifi


I used Jitsy Meet a couple times with friends and family. Works great, thanks a lot!

A problem we had though: Jitsy on iOS seems to use cellular data even when WiFi is available. We had the surprise to see usage between 350MB and 1GB per call. In a country with expensive cellular data plan with a monthly limit of 1-2 GB, that’s not a pleasant surprise… And looking at the review on the iOS App Store, it seems we aren’t alone.

We quickly went to our Setting to block cellular data for Jitsy but I’m thinking this could be improved for average, non-techy users.

First of all, why is it that Jitsy uses cellular data when WiFi is available? I could understand a little drop here and there depending on WiFi coverage in the house, but I’m confident me and my friend had good WiFi coverage at the time. Our phone should not have switched to cellular data. Jitsy is the only app that does that (and I use plenty other videochat apps!)

Note that I’m aware iOS have a “WiFi Assist” setting to use cellular data when WiFi is available but slow, which is ON by default. But I have this setting set to OFF.

Ideas on how to mitigate the issue:

  • Display the current connection being used (WiFi, LTE, 3G, etc) in the top corner so that we can at least monitor it. Just a tiny icon would be sufficient.
  • Display a warning when the connection switch to cellular data
  • Ask the user up front if Jitsy should use cellular data or be limited to WiFi


I noticed the same issue and I want to add another solution:
In Settings\Cellular, there is at the end an App usage on/off option for Cellular Data, where there is also statistics how much was used bu each app. Just turn it off for Jitsi, if you want to use strictly Wifi.