Jitsy meet for musicians

Dear friends, faced with the difficult situation of the musicians and audio technicians due to the pandemic, I wanted to propose adding to the video conferencing platform a virtual sound console that emulates an analogue, so that the sound of the musicians who want to use the platform can make recitals, and that the sound players can operate remotely with the highest possible quality including a room sound to unify all the signals in one, this would be possible? they see it viable?


jitsi main purpose is video conferencing … lot of work to add feature like this i think …

there is allready software (open-source) out there, for you needs / what you are looking for …
not as web application, but software you need to install, check:


I have a similar question. I’m looking for a good place to host song circles. It’s essentially the same as a video conference, but with the ability to all be singing/speaking at once.
Please let me know how I can improve my experience.

Are there any add ons for echo cancellation?

Jitsi Meet is really not made for this, sadly. At least it’s not there yet. The accent is currently on video quality and encryption. The high-res and synchronized audio is (still) not available.

For musicians one of the best options for now is to use something like Ninjam for example (although it’s not point-and-click and there is a bit of a learning curve) or Jamulus (like it was mentioned above). Both are free/opensource.

But Jitsi Meet is not well suited for online rehearsals and recordings, at least not for now.

Thanks for your comments, what I suggested was to combine the technology of jitsy meet with that of audio platforms such as consoles and virtual audio plugins, for this it should be a strategic alliance between both groups, to solve a world problem in the musical field, I do not understand programming but the idea is to take one platform and annex it to the other, without detracting from its objective, since in addition to providing videoconferences they would be giving the ability for bands from all over the world to broadcast live shows with good audio and video quality

I wanted to echo what Bee_B is looking for:
Jamulus is WAY too complicated for the average user. I’m not the average user, but I help host a jazz jam and I can assure that there is no way that my players would be able to handle Jamulus, JamKazam, or any of the similar.

What non-pro musicians need is a platform where we can meet and where the sound can be adjusted so that it doesn’t gate when another sound comes in. Zoom used to have this feature, then Zoom 5 happened and my jam is homeless again.

I haven’t yet tested this extensively, but I thought I’d put it out there in case anyone else has tried it and can give me feedback: I read that if you put
after your Jitsi URL, it will be a better environment for music (aka, no sound gating).

Any feedback on that? My jam-mates and I are SO exhausted. We’d finally done all the troubleshooting and were getting Zoom to behave itself, and now we’re back to square one. We just want to play low-fi, low-tech music together like we used to do on the bocci court of our local Italian dive restaurant!

Replying to my own note:
The hack I asked about above, adding #config.disableAP=true to the end of the URL, was a complete disaster. Echoes, drop-outs. Awful. Oh, well.

Hello there is a software for musicians based on Jamulus called Sagora (https://www.sagora.org/) it would be very good to get some kind of link with Jitsi.


Duh. When this ‘open source’ software will actually publish its source code, it will be possible to evaluate something.
I have looked at Jamulus and it’s as I suspected: the server is doing the mixing (as it mandatory to get high quality sound synchro). That’s very well but it has nothing to do with Jitsi, a project aimed at video whose bandwidth requirements make server mixing very expensive. So the best way to use Jitsi with Jamulus is to have 2 internet connections, one for Jitsi and one for Jamulus, for example
a fiber connection for Jitsi and an Adsl one for Jamulus :slight_smile: