Jitsi's relation to Apache Felix

I have a question about Apache Felix role in Jitsi.
My understanding is when installing Jitsi to a server (virtual machine) we actually install the source code (in a form of bundles) and resources that Jitsi needs.
An installation of Apache Felix is also done so it handles the execution of Jitsi bundles. Is this right?

Apache Felix implementation of OSGi API is used in the legacy Jitsi Desktop app, which has nothing to do with jitsi-meet and anything you install on the server.
And for Jitsi Desktop you do not need anything else to run it (except only a jre).

Omg thank you so much
This means that Jitsi meet served by a virtual machine is just JavaScript and css files embedded in the html page right?

Nope, its also the xmpp server, jicofo and jvb which are a services written in java and kotlin.